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“Imagine walking into a factory that makes bridles for the top European brands. You want the same high-quality materials, the same level of craftsmanship, but you want to improve the design, refine the fit and add the special extras. The result? You end up with a product that’s only missing two things – the middleman and the markup.”
- Lara Tweedie



We are reinventing the supply chain to benefit consumers, horses and the world.


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Italian Leather

Made in Italy, full grain Italian leather is highly regarded for it’s beautiful glossy finish and long lasting strength. The raw hides spend three months in wooden drums as they undergo a vegetable tanning process that results in a high quality, stretch resistant raw material that provides a perfect basis for the production of beautiful, resilient equestrian products.

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Special Extras

Every LT bridle comes competition ready and complete with a signature crystal brow band, our unique, super soft crank pad, a set of padded comfort reins and a bridle bag.

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Perfect Fit

When you purchase one of our products we want you to love it, so we’ve developed an easy fit bridle guide to help you choose the perfect size for your horse each and every time. We also offer 14 day returns and exchanges so you can shop with confidence and trust in the knowledge that our team is here to help.


Shop the LT range of bridles exclusively from Lara Tweedie

"I think I was possibly person #1 to buy your new double bridle. I’ve been using it since January now and I love it! It still looks brand new and the leather is beautiful. I especially love the padding on the noseband and on top of the head. It’s a very comfortable bridle for horses to wear. The rolled leather and patent noseband look so elegant. You obviously put lots of thought into the design so thank you because now I have a bridle I’m going to use and love for many years!"

Jane G.

"I recently purchased a cob sized bridle for my German Riding Pony and I absolutely love it! It fits perfectly! Until I discovered LT bridles, I had never found a suitable cob sized bridle off the rack and always had my bridles made to measure. As an owner of multiple horses, I will definitely purchase more LT bridles in the future. The quality is unbeatable for the price point. I’ll be back!"

Kate J

"Finally, an off the rack bridle that fits! My horse is an OTT thoroughbred and until I bought an LT bridle, I struggled to find a bridle that came with a noseband that fits. All of the nosebands on my previous bridles were too big and I had to have them altered by my local saddler. I’m so happy with my LT bridle and I can’t wait to use it at my next event!"

Sarah M.