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LT Essential Pony Bridle - Patent


The LT Essential Pony Bridle is pint sized perfection for teensy tiny heads. We’ve downsized our best selling Essential Snaffle Bridle and refined it for the small people and ponies in your life.

The LT Essential Pony Bridle ticks all of the boxes in terms of style, functionality and comfort and fills the gap in the market for an accessible, yet beautiful, all in one competition bridle for ponies.

The crown piece is anatomically designed and slimmed behind the ears to increase the height at which the brow band can be positioned to ensure adequate clearance of the orbital bone. We’ve tailored the pony sized crown piece to provide unique anatomical comfort. The noseband is slim as it traverses the body of the mandible and is finished with small, rounded dee rings and a slim line crank pad, both of which were selected especially for ponies. The streamlined noseband ensures the cheek pieces maintain close contact with the face as they connect to the bit. Finally, we selected 15mm padded reins to suit the littlest of hands. 

The LT Essential Pony Bridle is constructed from flat Italian leather and meets the highest standards for aesthetics and quality. The LT Essential Pony Bridle also comes complete with the same unparalleled list of gorgeous extras you know and love from our range of Essential bridles. 

The LT Essential Pony Bridle is perfect for ponies between 12.3 and 14 hands. To double check the fit for your pony you can take the bridle you are currently using and measure from the cradle of the cheek piece on the left side all the way across the crown piece to the cradle of the cheek piece on the right side. The cradle of the cheek piece is where the bit hangs from the bridle. You should take this measurement with the bridle done up on the holes you use on a daily basis. If this measurement is between 75cm and 93cm then our pony sized bridle will be a great choice. A longer crank strap is available as a customisation option. If the inside circumference of your current noseband measures 56 or 57cm please email and request further customisation of your new pony bridle. We will be happy to assist. 


  • Super soft, 15cm wide reins with stoppers.
  • 8mm crystal brow band. The brow band measures 35cm or 14 inches.
  • Anatomically configured head piece with a gentle cutaway to ensure a good fit for the majority of ponies. 
  • Tapered noseband with extra small rounded dee rings. The inside circumference of the noseband measures 50-54cm.
  • A longer crank strap is available as a customisation option.
  • Flash strap optional. You can select a noseband with flash or a plain cavesson noseband.
  • Super luxe, ultra soft, pressure dispersing noseband with our unique 5 keeper configuration to ensure a neat finish and made to measure look. 
  • Slim line 9cm crank pad finished with our unique keeper saver.